STFC Series Hydraulic Motor

The hydraulic motor is one of the components of an injection molding machine. A series called STFC of the hydraulic motor is highly required in almost all plastic processing industries. STFC series features with higher intensity of casing and a larger carrying capacity of internal dynamic components. The reduction in internal friction, heat, and all negative effects are good impacts. It effectively uses the advantages to meet the technology need.

  • Provides high mechanical efficiency and starting torque due to the hydrostatic balance built between the piston
  • STFC series hydraulic motor increases contact pressure ratio between the ball and socket of piston
  • Good sealing capability, less leakage due to applying hydrostatic balance shaft distributor to prevent the shaft tilted
  • Enables continuous working in high-pressure condition (Max. pressure up to 29MPa)
  • Less leakage and higher volumetric efficiency due to the special seal rings
  • Longer overall service life due to the special materials and advanced treatment process in main driving components
  • Ideal replacement of STAFFA due to their same installation data and similar technical performance.

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