Screw barrel

Screw barrel is the integral part of any plastic processing machinery, because without these any process could not be completed. Screw barrels are almost used in all types of plastic processing machinery.

The screw barrels are designed to be used in any types of plastic industries, which makes them ideally suited for plastic and other small scale industries.

Screw barrel can be used in blow moulding machinery, food processing machinery and cable wire machinery. They are mainly necessary for any plastic plant.

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The screw barrel provides the best solution for plastic injection molding machines. The material combination of the screw and barrels is chosen accurately, and hence, the product lasts for a long and increases the machining processes’ durability.

The screw delivers the plastic material mixtures, thermal and viscous distributions of the polymer and reduces the heating time. Collecting the materials at the front of the screw in a volume as a shot. This is to transfer the pressure from the screw to the mold cavity when the sufficient quantity of materials formed in the screw, force engages at a high-pressure and velocity into the part which forms the cavity.

Then the screw shifts from the constant velocity to constant pressure control. When the screw barrel reaches the transfer position, the applied packing pressure fills the mold until the gate solidifies. Then the screw reciprocates and starts with the next cycle of mold formation.

Screw barrels are the best suitable for all types of resins such as PP, PE, PC, AB, and industrial plastics…

Screw Barrel Features
  • Material: 38CrMoAlA
  • Nitriding treatment.
  • Surface hardness is HV 900
  • Nitriding depth range from 0.5-0.8mm
  • The Screw barrel material will be special stainless steel.
  • Quenching treatment and hardness are HRC55-58.
  • Suitable for the screw which used for transparent plastic products
  • High corrosion plastic processing and therefore it prolonged life of the screw
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