Pressure Sensor

A pressure sensor also known as pressure transmitter or pressure transducer is used to measure pressure in a fluid, liquid, or gas. It is used in a wide variety of applications to measure inside pressure of industrial machinery to the user before a disaster occurs.

Rafah Technologies Pvt., Ltd is supplying the top quality pressure sensors at the best price in India with head-quarters in Chennai. We are serving our customers efficiently with Six more branches in India.

Our standard Arcuchi pressure sensor is designed for use in almost all industrial applications, provides reliable pressure measurement even on harsh environmental conditions.

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The clamping unit of the plastic injection machine defines the mold sizes in the plastic processing industries. The mould clamp is available at different models according to the machine sizes and the output mould parts. When the part is molded, it is then removed and taken out with Sprue Picker or Economic AC Servo Traversing Robot.

The Die Clamps help hold the mold on the injection machines and die plates on the movable platen. The clamp is adjustable, and hence the easy replacements of the required size vary concerning the mould part. It comes with a complete pack of threaded bolts and a T-Nut.

Die Clamps Features
  • Made up of long-lasting through-hardened steel
  • Appreciated for quality, corrosion resistance, and high durable
  • Less expensive
  • Easy to install and adjustable—no spacers required
  • Speed up your mold changes and eliminate setters
  • The mold clamp material is more hard and tough, and hence it is not easy to bend and therefore eliminates the fracture.

Mould Clamps are widely used in the medium carbon steel material treated with forging, quenching, and tempering. Place the clamping bolt close to the mold for obtaining the maximum mould pressure for holding; place the clamp parallel with a platen and not in an inclination.

Hence, the mold clamp is easy to use and is replaceable. It comes with a complete package that includes nut, bolt, and screws. The best quality of the mold clamp is available in our online shopping at IndiaMART and avail with the best offers.

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