Linear Scale Slide Type

We offer linear scale slide type potentiometer for all plastic molding needs. This product is widely used in industrial automation control systems which are extensively appreciated and acclaimed for its ability to provide absolute measurement of displacement.

This type of linear scale is ideal for applications on vertical presses, plastic injection presses and in much more processing.

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Linear Scale slide-type defines according to the distance of the mold size. And also it varies accordingly. The design and the specification of the scale depending on the industrial requirement. The plastic injection molding machine uses this type of linear scale widely.

Hence, the output mold determines the Linear Position Sensors size. Therefore, it shows that the linear scale size ranges between 75mm and 1250mm. Therefore, the product comprises a standard resistance value of about 1,2,3,5,10 K? with ±10 precise resistance tolerance level.

Linear Scale Slide Type Features
  • Measuring range: 25 mm to 800 mm (Increasing every 25 mm)
  • Theoretically unlimited resolution
  • Temperature stability is also strong
  • Wiring methods: Electrical connector
  • Compatibility: Plastic Injection Molding Machine.
  • Installation is also simple
  • Faster than existing system

Linear Displacement Sensor type also utilized in various other industries and several purposes as follows:

  • Automatic controlling system
  • Measuring of display length and monitoring the same
  • Synchronous control
  • Easy mobile positioning of linear scale slide
  • Mechanical limit positioning and control
  • Closed-loop positioning control
  • Measurement and control of the line displacement
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