Linear Scale Rod Type

We are offering you the linear scale rod type potentiometer for all plastic molding needs. This product is widely used in industrial automation control systems which are extensively appreciated and acclaimed for their ability to provide an absolute measurement of displacement. It is specifically manufactured using the finest quality raw material and is suitable for special purpose machines.

Linear scale rod type models were available in the market with many brands, but the linear scale we offer is the best in its functionality and quality than others. For attractive prices on a linear scale (Rod Type)for injection molding machine

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Linear Scale

The electronic type of linear scale is used to measure the distance easily. Hence, it is easy to enlarge and reduce the distance ratio. The manufacturer achieves the characteristics as per the customer requirement. Hence, the plastic injection molding machine widely uses the linear scale rod type in the plastic processing industries.

The determination of the Linear Displacement Transducers by knowing the size of the output mold. Therefore, the linear scale is all available at various size ranges between 75mm and 1250mm. It depends on the production of the mold part size. Then the product comprises a standard resistance value of about 1,2,3,5,10 K? with ±10 precise resistance tolerance level.

Linear Scale Rod Type Potentiometer – Advantages

  • Measuring range: 75mm to 1250mm (Increasing every 25mm)
  • Theoretically unlimited resolution
  • Temperature stability is strong
  • Wiring methods: Electrical connector
  • Compatibility: Plastic Injection Molding Machine.
  • Installation is simple
  • Faster than the existing system

The Linear Potentiometers rod type also utilized in various other industries and several purposes as follows:

  • Automatic controlling system
  • Measuring of display length and monitoring the same
  • Synchronous control
  • Mobile positioning
  • Mechanical limit positioning and control
  • Closed-loop positioning control
  • Measurement and control of the line displacement

Therefore, the Linear Displacement Transducers of this type possess many advantages for producing the mold part. In addition to a rod-type model, the injection machine also uses slide-type as per the industrial requirement. The Potentiometer Displacement Sensor is one of the necessary components of an injection machine. Hence, it is one of the top-selling products from Rafah Technologies. Installation of the product is straightforward and is effectively accomplished with our service team. Also, we ensure timely delivery and supportive guidance concerning the customer’s needs. Now available at Trade India exclusively.

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