Hydraulic Gear Pump

The hydraulic pump is used to convert mechanical power into hydraulic energy. These pumps operated according to the displacement principle. They are manufactured depending on different functional and hydraulic system requirements, such as the required range of pressure, operating medium, type of drive, etc

Some of the existing hydraulic pumps are piston pumps, gear pumps and vane pumps.

We are a leading supplier of injection molding components in India. Hydraulic pumps are widely used in loaders, tractors, cranes, excavators, vacuum trucks, forestry equipment, dump trucks and etc.

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Hydraulic Gear Pumps are widely used in injection molding machines, which produces lower noise than the others. The hydraulic pump of IMM components comprises many features that increase the whole machine’s durability, hence improving the performance level of the plastic processing machine.

The hydraulic pump ensures the smooth operation of the injection machine. The internal gears are smooth and operate quietly. Even when the machine runs at a higher speed, it produces less noise.

The oil reduces the mechanical surface interactions and the wear and tear of the parts. The pump runs at high speed.

The pump can also completely remove the pressure wave to use it as the system precision control of the ideal machine tool pressure.

  • Ultra-low noise
  • QT pumps feature internal gears that minimize operational noise levels.
  • The most outstanding characteristic is that because of their specially shaped tooth profile.
  • The noise level is almost constant even when the pressure becomes higher.
  • Free from pressure ripples.
  • QT hydraulic pumps are almost free from pressure ripples
  • The ideal choice for systems that require accurate speed control, such as machine tools.
  • Excellent durability
  • In addition to their simple mechanism, the friction surfaces of all parts are forced-lubricated
  • The high-pressure hydraulic fluid which eliminates the direct contact between parts
  • Minimizes abrasion of functional parts.
  • The hydraulic pumps can operate at a pressure as high as 320 kg/cm2
  • Inferior lubrication fluids (water-glycol, etc.) because of their low abrasion.

The other fields, such as forging machinery, elevators, and other mechanical equipment, utilize the Hydraulic Gear Pumps to betterment the machine’s operation.

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