Hot Runner Temperature Controller

Rafah Technologies is the leading supplier of hot runner temperature controllers in India with headquarters in Chennai. Arcuchi Hot Runners Controller uses high-intellect microprocessor technology to provide reliable and precise temperature control with user-friendly control modules. Our hot runners temperature control improves part quality and reduce scrap.

Arcuchi Hot runner maintains optimum molding conditions by automatically controlling the temperature of the nozzle and the manifold block . In addition, the PID control by the micro-computer increase the precision control and self-diagnosis function.

If you want to buy an injection molding temperature controller, Rafah Technologies is the right place. We will supply the best quality temperature control hot runners at attractive prices.

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The Hot Runner Temperature Controller is also known as the temperature controller. This improves the mold part’s quality, and a higher rate of reduction of the mold scrap occurs. Therefore, the temperature controller provides the required temperature for runner-less injection molds, machine nozzles, sprue bushings, or any other application requiring thermocouples.

The hot runner system consists of an assembly of heated components used in the plastic injection machines, which injects molten plastic from the machine nozzle into the mold’s cavities. Hence, a hot runner comprises a hot manifold and several hot nozzles.

Hot runner controller uses high-tech microprocessor technology for providing reliable & precise control of temperature. Therefore, the device comprises 2 zones to 12 heating zones. Then the capacity of a single load is 15A with 100W-3600W power.

Hot Runner Temperature Controller Features – Arcuchi

  • Easy to adjust and set the user-defined value
  • Operation is simple and manual on/off function – User-friendly
  • Selectable thermocouple J/K type sensors
  • Solenoid value output voltage AC220/DC24V
  • Hot runner temperature controller supports A or B mode of operation
  • Real-time LED display which shows the status of the controller and its monitoring unit
  • Shutdown state, the data storage function to start
  • Precise time control (minimum 0.01 seconds, maximum 999 seconds)
  • Software control on/off function practices with PID controller
  • The controller comes with metal enclosures and heavy-duty connectors.

This Hot Runner Controller removes the excess wiring and then improves the easy accessibility of the machine. Rafah supplies the Hot Runner Controllers for various zones concerning the injection molding machines’ heating zones’ requirement. Hence, Rafah is one of the best-chosen places for buying temperature controllers.

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