Heat Exchanger Injection Cooler

Injection cooler is mainly used for two purposes, firstly it is used for cooling gas to a certain temperature and secondly it is used to evaporate liquids.

These injection coolers are used for evaporating waste water containing solids.

The gases enter the cylinder vertically at the top and distribute themselves evenly over its cross – section, then the cooling fluid is added in parallel. A process of fine liquid atomization is created at the nozzles. This provides complete distribution of the droplets over the cross – section.

The cooling fluid is entirely evaporated when this occurs and the cooled gases exit the injection cooler.

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Heat exchange or Injection Cooler will remove heat from the oil in the injection molding machine. It is otherwise known as a heat exchanger.

  • To cool the mold, there are cooling pass-ways in the mold
  • Cooling water flows around these passways to remove the heat from the product
  • This transfers the heat into the water requiring cooling
  • Therefore, the hydraulic oil is pumped around the system at high pressure for all the robotic parts on the machine
  • The hydraulic oil heats up when the hydraulic pump runs caused by the machine cycling

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