Servo System

To made injection molding machine more economic and user-friendly, Rafah Technologies providing Arcuchi energy-saving Servo System to the customer all over India. Servo Motor Controller designed specially to meet the current and future demands of the customers in the plastic injection molding industry. The main feature of the Arcuchi Servo System is its high energy-saving rate, stability, and durability.

Are you struggling with an old electric motor system and power consumption problems on your injection molding machine? No worries, we will replace it with our new energy-saving servo system. After implementation, you can save power up to 50-60% and your injection molding machine will be more economic & user-friendly.

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The arcuchi Injection Molding Servo Motor drives the servo systems, which are built with mechanical components. Mainly, the servo drive comprises a positioning controller. The user provides the command signal to the user interface panel of the system’s controller. Then, it stores the information on various tasks of the system for the injection molding machines.

The controller’s design is programmed for activating the motor or load, for changing the speed or position of the system’s action. When the power supply of the servo motor turns ON, the load begins to move. It operates according to the position requirement. The actual definition of an IMM Servo System is for controlling the position, direction, and speed of the load.

In industrial motion control, the servo drivers improve the transient response times, reduces the steady-state errors, reducing the load parameters’ sensitivity. The system is available at 8 various models. Therefore, the motor rating varies for the torque rating depending on the system size ranging from 57NM to 269NM.

Injection Molding Servo Systems – Features

  • The product comprises of a high energy saving, and hence, it enhances the better molding stability
  • The servo models respond quickly at any stage of the running conditions.
  • Operates with quiet & low noise and therefore, the servo systems comprised of reliable holding pressure
  • There exists a temperature rise in oil at a slower rate.
  • The motor speed of the system varies between 1700 and 2700 RPM.
  • Power saving up to 60% on renovated machines.
  • The servo driver rating power up to 55KW
  • The current rating of the systems is from 22A to 81A.

Likewise, the Servo Motor Control is widely applicable in several other industries. Some of them are industrial robots, electronic processing, laser equipment, and the machine manufacturing industries. Therefore, it shows that the servo is one of the IMM components available at India’s best injection component supplier – Rafah Technologies.

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