Sprue Picker Swing arm robot

Swing arm robots were designed to handle the fast removal of sprue or runner from the plastic injection molding machine and place them into granulator for recycling. As a leading supplier of plastic injection molding components, rafah Technologies engaged in supplying the best quality Yantong swing arm robots at attractive prices in Chennai, India.

Available YTA Model Series : YTA700WDYWSY, YTA900WDYWSY

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Sprue picker is one of the essential products of plastic injection molding machines. It is optional to use the robot in the injection molding machines. Instead of using the manpower, Sprue Picker Swing Arm Robot is highly preferred concerning reduce the labor works. Hence it reduces manual errors.

Sprue Picker working

Sprue picker is a uniquely designed product, which picks the sprue and drops them in a respective place. The servo motor actuates the sprue picker to work correctly. The angle to which the arm has to rotate is all predefined in a controller, and hence, the robot works accordingly. While using fully automatic systems, the sprue picker plays an important role.

When the mold part is ready, then the clamp opens. Hence the user takes out the mold part from the machine, and the next cycle of the injection machine starts. To avoid this labor action, the injection machine uses the sprue picker robot. The precise angular rotation achieves with a servo motor. The swinging angle of the swing arm robot varies with two different models of the robot (30°-90°) and (60°-90°).

The sprue picker robot retracts the sprue from the part. The picker then drops the sprue in a particular place wherever required, either the operator or the other side. Then it starts the next cycling process. Therefore, the operation of the entire picker works with the help of controller programming.

Sprue Picker Swing Arm Robot – Advantages
  • Increases the production capacity of the injection machine and reduces the defective rate
  • Energy-efficient production to reduce the operating cost.
  • Increases the life than the existing solution
  • Applicable for all horizontal injection molding machines ranges of 100-300t for take-out products and sprues.
  • Cost-effective solution and fast return on investment
  • Traverse axis driven by AC servo motor
  • The dry cycle time of the swing robot is about 5.5 seconds.
  • The servo-driven x-axis makes it easy and faster to set up new products.

Rafah Technologies: One of the best plastic injection molding machine component suppliers in India, sells the swing arm robot at a higher rate. The product is of top quality and is highly durable.

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