Economic AC Servo Traversing Robot

Rafah Technologies provides economic ac servo traversing robots to our customers at attractive prices in Chennai, India. If you looking for economic ac servo traversing robot suppliers, feel free to contact us. We will assist you with right industrial robot model that suits your business need.

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This type of economic ac servo traversing robot supplies at a higher rate for the plastic processing industries. Injection molding machine uses this robot, which reduces the human resources requirement. Hence, the requirement for robots is high in the field of plastic processing industries.

There are two different models available in this type of economic ac servo traversing robots. Robotic models are YT06IDS1P0 & YTB07IDS1P0. Hence, these models are highly suitable with 30T-120T & 100T-120T tonnage capacities of injection molding machines. The robots can lift the mold to a loading weight of about 3Kg.

It increases the rate of production and simultaneously reduces the requirement. One time investment for the robot leads to a lifetime saving. So, the time period of the whole cycle time is about 7.35 seconds.

The economic ac servo traversing robot picks the mold part and drops them at the required place. It is highly suitable for tracking the exact position precisely. Therefore, the servo motor tracks the final part of the mold to the destination place at the periodical interval.

When the clamping unit is ejected, the robot picks the mold part and delivers it wherever required. Otherwise, the mold part is taken out manually from the machine.

Economic Axis AC Servo Traversing Robot Features

  • YTA 700/900 Series traversing robot arm is applicable to all types of horizontal injection molding machine ranges of 100-300 for take-out products and sprues.
  • Traverse axis driven by AC servo motor
  • Production increased up to 10-30% after installation
  • Ensure defective rate and safety of operators
  • Results in the reduction of manpower
  • Accurately controls the output to reduce waste
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