Smart Electricity Meter

Arcuchi injection molding machine Smart Electricity Meter sends meter reading digitally to the energy supplier for accurate power bills, which helps in better understanding of power usage.

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Smart Electricity Meter for Injection Molding

The new generation of smart electric meters is that of the Smart Electricity Meter that uses the device’s smart functions. A smart meter is also known as an energy meter. The device is highly required for the plastic injection molding machines—the basic unit for collecting the entire machine’s smart data. The Injection Molding Energy Meter takes up collecting the data, measuring, and then transmitting electric energy and is the basis for all the processes.

The traditional electrical energy meters perform the basic power metering functions. In addition to it, the Smart Factory Meters responsible for the following functions:

  • two-way multi-rate metering functions
  • user-side control functions
  • two-way data communication with multiple data transmission modes for adapting the use of smart grids and new energy

The electrical meter comprises an anti-theft function. Smart Electricity Meter available with power consumption facilities that can able to manage and save electricity bills. Hence, it achieves the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Features of IMM Smart Meter or Energy Meter
  • Provides accurate reading of the energy consumption & it does not require any calibration processes
  • Special Functions are as follows: centralized meter reading, multiple rates, prepayment, anti-theft, and it requires internet access service.
  • Availability of data protection helps you save the data for more than 10years even after the power failure.
  • When the remaining power is equal to the alarm power, then the device shuts down automatically.
  • When the remaining power becomes zero, then the meter trip off, which interrupts the power supply. Hence, the user needs to buy an electricity meter immediately.
  • When a load of actual power crosses the set value, the smart meter automatically cuts off, and restoration occurs.
  • User-friendly and easy installation takes place.
Other Features
  • Rated Voltage: 3*220/380VBasic
  • Working Temperature: -25 c – +60 c
  • Higher precision of measurement
  • No external transformer
  • Wide Range

An IMM Smart Electricity Meter is an essential device for any industrial arena. It helps to consume energy and reduces gas emissions. Hence it is environmentally friendly, known as eco-friendly.

  • only interface with Arcuchi 1008, 1108 injection molding controller with RS485.
  • Check energy usage
  • Set usage alerts
  • View and monitor your energy usage and bill details
  • Track how much energy you are using
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