Water and Oil Mold Temperature Controller

Rafah Technologies supplies best quality mold temperature controller for both oil and water at attractive prices in India with headquarters in Chennai. It is used to keep up mold temperature stable during the injection molding process. Plastic injection molding companies were increased in using mold temperature controller to improve injection mold parts quality and life. It also helps to avoid material wastage at the start-up phase of injection molding.

Arcuchi mold temperature controllers small in size with attractive design and also it is easy to move i.e. mounted on wheels. Mold temperature controllers were applicable for the industries like plastic injection molding, automobile, medical plastic and etc.

HJO200506 -Mold Temperature controller is ideal for oil:

It is suitable for long-term continuous operation, keeps temperature steady and no corrosion. If is not change oil correctly, the heater will be damaged.

HJW120506 -Mold Temperature controller is ideal for water:

This temperature controller is heating up faster, better cooling and harmless to your mold. Maintenance and cost were more economic compared with the market.

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The pump of water and oil mold temperature controller adopts a higher efficiency level. The MTC maintains the precise temperature level and it helps in the increment of the production rate of the mold parts. The Injection Mold Temperature Controller comprises pipes made up of stainless steel seamless tubes.

The mold temperature controller of an injection molding machine helps to control the temperature of the mold with the help of a heat transferring medium like water or oil in this model. Therefore, temperature control ranges within 180. The PID controller used for controlling the temperature with the deviating range of ±0.1? with higher operating efficiency and hence, it saves more energy with respect to the electrical billing.

So, the design of the MTC finalizes with a displaying unit of LCD that determines the actual and set temperatures for operating the controller accurately. Hence, the injection Mould Temperature Controller specializes in the following protective functions as well:

  • Auto-exhaust starting up
  • Auto-Cooling Shutting down
  • Thermal Couple broke alarm
  • Power Phase Shortage
  • Out-phase Protection
  • Water-pump protection
  • Over-heating protection
  • Oil Shortage Protection

Since, both water or oil used as the heat transferring medium for cooling the temperature with stable performance and avoids leakage. Water manifolds and Teflon hose are not mandatory in buying the products. The heating wire and the main pipeline made up of stainless steel and hence, it is highly durable and it keeps safe from leakage and rust. Therefore, it operates in the process of the indirect cooling method of the injection molding machine.

Features of Water/Oil Mold Temperature Controller
Mould Temperature Controller equipped with Automatic Alarming Device
  • Automatic temperature control.
  • Minimizes products wastage
  • Light in weight and compact in size
  • Therefore it is easy to maintain the MTC of water and oil
  • So, we – Rafah is one of the best injection molding machine component suppliers in India for the Mold Temperature Control Unit.

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