Standard Separate Vacuum Hopper Loader

The separate Vacuum Hopper Loader is mainly designed for conveying material over long distances. The material hopper is placed away from the main unit. All models adopt stainless steel hopper to ensure that raw materials are not polluted with high–pressure fans and motors.

Advantages such as overload protection and lack of material alarm can prolong the service life of the machine. Utilizing high efficient vacuum blower to produce a vacuum in the material hopper, plastic materials will then be fed into the material hopper by air pressure.

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The initial process of the plastic injection molding machine is that of loading the plastic materials from the trashes or bin to the loader. Generally, there are two types of loaders available in the molding manufacturer industries. Thus the Vacuum Auto Loader consumes more space because the vacuum machine is being separated from the loader.

  • The Vacuum Auto Loader sucks the plastic materials from a maximum distance of up to 4meters. Probably, the connection hose comes with 4meters long.
  • The 800G Plastic Granules Loader works with the 3 phase power supply. The carbon brush motor operates the separated hopper loader. The user defines the timer and the suction speed of the device. The monitor displays the running time.
  • The main machine separated from the vacuum hopper loader.
  • Independent filter for easy cleaning.
  • The stainless steel body of the hopper loader stores the material from the bin.
  • The device uses the Microcomputer controller operation and therefore the machine achieves efficient performance.
  • If the overloading of the material occurs within the device, then the alert raised with the machine, so that the device ensures the cut-off operation. This may occur due to overloading or the impact of a short circuit.
  • 700G equipped with high-speed rectifier motor with delicate size and strong suction force – suitable for the new materials.
  • 800G/800G2 with Induction high-pressure pump—with low noise and long service time.
  • 800G and 800G2 design with auto-reverse cleaning devices

Then the Plastic Material Hopper Loader transfers the plastic materials to the dryer by using the concept of high pressure for proceeding to the next stage of the injection molding process.

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