Standard Hopper Dryer

Hopper dryers installed in injection molding machines are capable of producing a large quantity of molded products and various molded parts. They adopt a hot air down-blowing design and use stainless steel material hopper to avoid contamination.

This drying hopper is suitable for plastic processing and works in an efficient way by continuously dispersing hot air evenly throughout the hopper. In raw material processing, it blows a constant high-temperature wind into the drying drum through the drying fan.

A Hopper dryer is used to remove moisture from hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic plastic resins obtained on the plastic molding. It is very important to use the dryers properly because failure to use it might fail to absorb the moisture by means of which there might be a defect in the product.

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Standard hopper dryer is one of the devices that play an important role in the plastic injection molding process. The loaded plastic materials then transferred to the dryer for the next process. The dryer holds the Vacuum Hopper Loader on the top with respect to the construction of the whole machine. Plastic Granules Dryer is one of the Top 5 Selling Products of Injection Molding Machine.

  • The Hot Air Hopper Dryer collects the material for the preheating process that removes the moisture content from the pellets.
  • Therefore the hot air is blown with the help of an air blower fan from the standard hopper dryer.
  • The dryer comprises of temperature displaying unit which displays the temperature of the hot air inside the dryer. The user defines the temperature of the device for the preheating process.
  • Well – distributed headed wind
  • The device’s temperature controller works precisely that suits the plastic injection molding process.
  • The process of the standard hopper dryer saves time and reduces manpower, and hence it is very economical in the field of plastic injection molding.
  • The entire design of the product is worth the cost and is efficient in working with the plastic manufacturing machine. The design of the device comprises of a fine exterior and solid construction.
  • The standard hopper dryer adopts a hot air diffuser to keep plastics dry and hence it maintains a stable temperature.
  • Hopper Hot Air Hopper Dryer separated from its base, ensuring convenient cleaning
  • The dryer adopts the heat-insulated blower and hence the lifetime of the blower extended.
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