Plastic Hopper Loader

Plastic Crusher – v type series are applicable in a wide range, can meet a wide variety of requirements, and also able to granulate & recycle all kinds of plastics material of different textures and shapes.

Plastic crusher is mainly used in industries like plastic, lighting, shoe manufacturing, electrical appliances, automotive components, furniture, bags manufacturing, waste recycling and, etc.

In many Asian countries, especially in India, there is a huge demand for these machines. Rafah Technologies is supplying Plastic Crusher Machines at attractive prices, contact us now for the latest prices.

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The Standard Self Contained Hopper Loader uses the plastic materials from the crusher to load the device and proceeding with the upcoming process of the injection molding machines. The material transformation takes place with the help of a connection hose from the bin or trash which collects the pellets from the crushers. When the power supply turned ON, the loader fills the stainless steel container with the materials.

  • The carbon brush motor runs the loader efficiently. This model of the loader consumes less space and hence the machine placed compactly like a separated hopper loader, among which the autoloader (integrated) consumes less space.
  • The device can suck the materials from a distance of 4meters long. The user defines the suction speed of the loader through the suction pipe.
  • With a small footprint and low weight, available to be placed directly onto other machines or containers.
  • This type of standard self-contained hopper loader operated with the help of a Microcomputer controller.
  • Alarm for overload and lack of material.
  • 300G equipped with high-speed rectifier motor with delicate size and strong suction force-suitable for new materials.
  • Thus the standard self-contained hopper loader ensures smooth operation which is enclosed with a soundproof container.
  • Thus the cable control board design – easy to set and control with distance.
  • Even the hopper loader contains the filter part for filtering the air and dust from the materials (Optional part).

The loader then transfers the materials to the dryer for the preheating process. Hence, the Plastic Granules Dryer removes the moisture content from the pellets.

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