Plastic Crushing Machine – V Type

Plastic Crusher – v type series are applicable in a wide range, can meet a wide variety of requirements, and also able to granulate & recycle all kinds of plastics material of different textures and shapes.

Plastic crusher is mainly used in industries like plastic, lighting, shoe manufacturing, electrical appliances, automotive components, furniture, bags manufacturing, waste recycling and, etc.

In many Asian countries, especially in India, there is a huge demand for these machines. Rafah Technologies is supplying Plastic Crusher Machines at attractive prices, contact us now for the latest prices.

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In the plastic processing system, it is essential to use a Plastic Crushing Machine when recycling emerges. Then they are turned into fine granules in the required format using the plastic crushing machine. Over here, V-type crushers exactly match the customer requirement. The user loads the crusher with the plastic materials, and then the main power is turned ON. Then the machine starts running, and the V-type blade of the crushers efficiently starts its work.

The Plastic Granulator continuously runs at higher power. The V-type plastic crushing machine is available in various models. These models vary concerning their individual specifications. The size of the grinding chamber varies according to the model, and hence the capacity of the chamber varies accordingly. There are two types of cutters available in every crusher. They are stationary and rotary cutters, which comprises 4 and 9 numbers. Hence, the fine granules come out of the plastic crusher machine.

  • Unique scissors-type structure, conductive to improve working efficiency.
  • The insulation design of the hopper can reduce the nose of crushing.
  • Scientific structure, convenient for operation energy saving and is highly durable.
  • The equipment of the crusher with multiple safety protection devices ensures a safe operation.
  • V-type plastic crusher machine is highly suitable for all kinds of large-scale hollow products, leather, PE film, PET bottles, etc.
  • The collective device is optional and handy for collecting material after grinding.

The user buys the Plastic Granulator according to the energy rating of the machine. It varies from 20HP to 100HP. rafah supplies the best product among the injection molding machine component supplying industries. Therefore, the IMM components are available at the best price in the industry.

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