Hopper Dryer Accessories

The Standard Hopper Dryer is available with various accessories. Various parts together form the complete standard hopper dryer for the usage of a plastic injection molding machine. It is one of the main IMM components in the plastic injection machine.

What is the Purpose of Hopper Dryer?

A Hopper dryer helps to remove the moisture content from the plastic granules. Thus, the standard hopper dryer preheats the plastic pellets at a user-defined temperature. The user of the machine defines the appropriate temperature of the materials. Therefore, the output material from the loader turns into a certain temperature. However, it removes the moisture content from the material.

The material passing at a certain temperature enhances the machine’s steady performance with respect to the molding actions.

Material Storage Tank: It stores the material loads and it preheats with the help of a blower. It blows the air at a certain temperature and hence the plastic granule maintains at a certain temperature.

Dust Collector: It collects the dust particles from the granules and sends the pure form of materials to the injection process.

Magnetic Separator: As a part of hopper dryer accessories, it restricts the iron materials and hence sends the pure form of plastic pellets to the injection machine for the plastic processes.

Suction Box: It removes the watery filament within the granules and then the material sent without any moisture content.

Structure Frame: A custom structure frame is designed concerning the requirement.

Rafah is one of the best Injection Molding Machine Components suppliers in India in the field of plastic processing industries. A complete package of hopper dryer and its accessories are available at the best price in the industry.

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  • MATERIAL STORAGE TANK: Customized tank available for all sizes of S/S hopper
  • DUST COLLECTOR: Additional dust collector installed to avoid plastic particles splashing and provide a clean environment.
  • MAGNETIC SEPARATOR: Inserts at the lower cone bottom, filter out iron mixed with raw materials, optional model available.
  • SUNCTION BOX: For standing type hopper dryer, easy for material suction and discharged.
  • SUPPORT FRAME: Customized a variety of special structure frame for hopper dryer.
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