Flake Type – Plastic Crusher Machine

Flake type Granulator is a Plastic Crusher Machine, used in crushing ordinary sheets, tubes, extrusion mold products, runners, packaging materials, and other plastic products.

Granulators are in different shapes and sizes that are designed to granulate specific parts or plastic chunks. We provide customized mesh holes according to the client’s demand and specifications.

RAFAH Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier of injection molding machine components to the plastic industry. We supply the best products to meet our customer needs.

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The Plastic Grinding Machine uses plastic materials or pet bottles for the crushing process and utilizes the output granules for the plastic injection molding process. The plastic recycling process formulated with the help of a flake-type plastic crusher machine. Sheets, tube plastics, packing plastics, and profiles are suitable for the crushing process in the flake type model.

  • The process of recycling and restoring the above-mentioned products. The mentioned materials use the flake-type plastic crusher for the effective crushing of the materials in a defined format. So, the plastics manufactured with plastic injection molding machines.
  • Several models of the crusher available at our premises for the effective crushing process of the materials. Therefore, the crusher crushes large materials with the help of heavy-duty machines.
  • The flake-type Plastic Grinding Machine utilizes the blades for the cutting processes. Likewise, the updated machines comprised 6-36 rotary cutters and 2-4 stationary cutters.
  • The blades of the crusher work efficiently and cut the ensures the perfect operation of the machines. The total grinding chamber of the machine varies from 230*200 mm to 1200*800 mm. Then the chamber material comprises stainless steel and externally with strong iron.
  • The parts of the crusher vary with respect to the output materials and the input materials.
  • YT-GP series granulators of flake type adopted with sealed bearings which can handle long-hour operation and hence, the unique design of the cutter ensures the equality of granule sizes. The cutters treated thermal processing.
  • Within 400 models installed casters. Above 500 models installed anti-vibration mounts as optional.
  • If in case of the material varies, then the plastic crusher machine can be changed according to the requirement such as claw/flat type, GB series, or any other plastic crushers.
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