ClawFlat Type – Plastic Crusher

The claw/flat type is adopted by the blade design; the front blades are efficient for large and harder materials like PVC.

Plastic Crusher is mainly used in industries like plastic, lighting, shoe manufacturing, electrical appliances, automotive components, furniture, bag manufacturing, waste recycling and, etc.

In many Asian countries, especially in India, there is a huge demand for these machines. RAFAH Technologies is supplying Plastic Crusher Machines at attractive prices, contact us now for the latest prices.

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Claw/Flat Type Plastic Crusher Machine

One of the main types of Plastic Crushing Machines is a claw/flat type model. This type uses the waste materials of plastic bottles or other plastic materials for crushing and then uses the granules for the plastic injection molding machines in plastic manufacturing industries.

Plastic Grinding Machine Features
  • The claw/flat type Plastic Grinding Machine adopted with the pre-positioning blades design can increase the cutting angle and improve the cutting efficiency. Hence the granules evenly cut, and less powder or dust caused.
  • Claw blades and flat blades are more widely used. And the claw blades are especially efficient for larger and harder materials.
  • This model of Plastic Granulator is double-casted with a 4 sides hopper. Since the claw/flat type crusher’s inner layer is made with stainless steel and the outer layer is made of thicker iron. It can reduce the noise under operation.
  • Applying champer cooling with granulators up from 30HP, and helps to reduce the heat caused by granulating friction.
  • It improves efficiency and maintains a long service life.
  • The plastic crusher comprises 2-6 stationary cutters and 6-12 rotary cutters for various crushing purposes and different machine models. Hence, large material crushing applications can proceed.
  • The design of the granulator is scientific, practical by the European standard.
  • The crusher blades are made up of alloy steel, which is tougher, more durable, and adjusted. The motor shaft uses high-quality steel.
  • Claw/flat type Plastic Granulator from 5HP-10HP applied with casters. Level pad mounting is optional up from 15HP granulators.
  • Other options: Air spring lifter for the hopper is available for up to 15HP granulators. So, the cylinder or hydraulic raiser is available for up to 50HP hoppers and screen holders.
  • Therefore, we can tailor-made for you the granulators for cutting PA66/PA6+20%-50% GF material. It will increase the life span of the machine.
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